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Armada Art comes from Italian artist Gianmarco Fontana’s passion for art and craftsmanship.
He designs and models custom pieces entirely by hand using a lost-wax casting technique for extraordinary, artisan quality jewelry. Discover Armada Art latest works below!

How an Armada jewel is born

Armada Art’s strong point is customization. We strive to fully satisfy customer’s demands in any possible way. In most cases the customer provides an idea through photographs or drawings specifically describing the project. Once the instructions are received, the artist discuss the details with the customer.

Once the design draft is approved by the customer, phase 2 begins. Using some specific equipment for addiction and subtraction of modeling wax (such as scalpels and various spatulas), the physical prototype is created.

Once the customer is satisfied with the wax prototype, here comes the technical part of the process. The prototype is placed on a rubber base then enclosed in a steel cylinder. Gypsum is poured into the cylinder to create a mold. Once the gypsum has hardened, the cylinder is inserted into a pre-heated furnace where the wax evaporates leaving a negative mold. Meanwhile, the metal is melted in a casting machine in order to be injected in the cylinder. Once cooled, the rough jewel is extracted crushing the gypsum. Finally, the jewel is polished and finished using diamond-tungsten mills, rubbers and brushes. Last step: packaging and shipping to the customer!

Contact the Artist - Custom Order Enquiry

Armada Art mostly makes its own creations in Sterling Silver 925. Upon request, jewels may be created with other precious metals such as Gold 18K (pure, white, rose), Platinum, Surgical Stainless Steel and Titanium. Armada Art also works with gemstones in any kind, color and shape, so feel free to request them in your custom order!

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